Coloured Polythene Bags

2013-09-03 15:39

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Essentially the most widely utilised plastic is polythene or polyethylene. It really is primarily utilised within the packaging sector and has an annual production of around eighty million tons. Despite the fact that polyethylene is generally called polythene in the United Kindom, it is not a scientific name. Classified into numerous different categories, it is based primarily on its branching and density, and its properties depend on variables like the kind of branching, the molecular weight and its crystal structure.

 When manufacturing coloured polythene, the initial stage is to make the polythene film. Virgin polymer granules are mixed with colouring agents, and if necessary a variety of other additives. The blend of cold granules and colouring agents are then conveyed to a film extruding machine, and also the granules are then heated until they melt, and forced through a die which outcomes in a vertical molten tube of polyethylene tubing. Air is then pumped in to the molten tube till it inflates, and it resembles an elongated balloon. This air pumping method causes the tube to stretch outwards. Simultaneously the tube is pulled by a pair of nip rollers which stretch it inside the opposite path. Cold air is blown onto the tube to cool it since it emerges in the nip rollers, and it is then wound onto a plastic or cardboard tube.

 Coloured, clear or printed polythene is utilized in a wide range of industries including:

 Agriculture : Apparel : Bakery : Dry Cleaning : Electronics : Hotel : Meals : Hardware : Hosiery : Gardening : Composting : Housewares : Mailers : Manufacturing : Health-related : Pet food : Poultry : Promotional : Retailing : Tradeshows.

 They could be manufactured in practically any colour like:

 Blue : Pink : Purple : Magenta : Orange : Red : Black : Green : Brown : Yellow : Navy : Cyan : Biege : Grey : Maroon, and so on.

 These coloured bags may possibly be "solid" denying visibilty of contents, or "transparent" permitting visibilty of contents, and they're offered in an enormous selection of shapes and sizes, such as:

 Light duty bags : Medium duty : Heavy duty : Plain grip seal bags : Grip seal panel bags : Heavy duty grip seal bags.

 Polythene bags assist to shield products from moisture, along with the inherent traits of this material make it a well-liked selection for a lot of packaging applications.

 Standard polythene carrier bags are usually square reduce bags having a reduce out handle that's at times reinforced with an additional layer, and has a gussett in the bottom of the bag. Regular bags are 120g (30 micron). Heavy duty bags are 180g (45 micron) and are twice as thick around the manage region. Coloured mailing bags (envelopes) have an benefit more than the ordinary paper envelope. They are stronger, lighter and water resistant. The majority of these kinds of bags possess a flap and self adhesive strip, and generally open around the quick side, with the adhesive strip becoming non-releaseable for tamper evidence.